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The Powell Family

After moving frequently with his job during the early years of their marriage, Art and Alta Powell choose to sink family roots in Lehi, Utah, and open their own business, filling an industry need for which Art was well qualified. His years of experience working as a concrete construction superintendent for Utah Construction Company invaluable in this endeavor.

On Thanksgiving Day, 1945, after the traditional family gathering, 35-year old Art Powell walked from their Lehi family home located on 45 acres to lay out his new concrete block plant on the northeast corner of the property. The next day with a $500 loan from his father-in-law, he started building Lehi Block Company. Alta Powell assisted customers and did office work at home and cared for their growing family while Art and five employees made concrete block. The backbreaking work continued six days a week from 4 a.m. to 9 p.m., but never on Sunday.

Art's philosophy was to pay all business expenses up front. With the expensive machines and equipment used in his plants, this was not easily accomplished. A creative and inventive man, Art designed and built three manufacturing plants as well as some of his equipment and specialty processes. At age 83 he designed ArtStone, an interlocking, retaining wall for which Lehi Block received patent rights.

At young ages the Powell children helped with various tasks at the plant and later assumed daily operations of Lehi Block. In 1961 when the office building was completed, Alta Powell turned over her duties to her daughter, Alda Mae. Art retired from his responsibilities at age 75.

Today Art serves as a chairman of the board, and all four Powell children are still actively involved in the company. Mac Powell is President, Terry Powell is Vice President, and Alda Mae Porter is secretary-treasurer. Their third son Lorin, who is Lehi City's Engineer, also serves as a board member. Some of their posterity of 16 grandchildren have worked part and full time at Lehi Block.

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