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Preparation and Installation
PyZique BBQ Ring Directions

PyZique & ANTIQUE PyZique with a PyZique grill grate can be used to build a BBQ that has a massive and impressive appearance. The diagram below shows a cross-section of the layers necessary to build a BBQ. Single-face lip-type stones do not allow a BBQ to be built. An example of a PyZique BBQ is shown below. Note that each layer of stones are set such that stone seams are staggered. The BBQ may be built to the height of your choice by adding or deleting layers from the example shown. Glue the top three layers of stones together with paver grade adhesive.

32" Molded Tetra Pond

Step 1
Use compactable rock chips to build a pad on virgin or highly compacted soil. The top of this rock pad should be at least 1" below grade.
Step 2
Using a center stake lay out PyZique stones in a 16" radius from the center stake to the short face of each stone. A circle with a 32" inside diameter will require
14 PyZique stones. Slight movement of the circle of stones may be required for best
alignment of all stones.
Step 3
Build additional height by adding layers of PyZique stones. Each layer must have a stagger at the intersections of the stones. It is preferred that the center of each stone in one layer be above the intersection of the two stones below it. Note: The top layer should be laid smooth side up and glued
Step 4
When the PyZique Stone circle is at your desired height and the adhesive has set, fill the center of the circle, with clean porous rock that will drain easily, to a level that will allow the Pilot Rock steel barbecue ring or a 32" molded
tetra pond to be installed and rest upon the fill rock and the PyZique stone circle.

Note: Concrete stones will crack when exposed to extreme heat. The base and sides of the barbecue pit need to be lined with fire brick or the Pilot Rock.
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Fire Rings Using PyZique Products

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