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Preparation and Installation of
PyZique Lawn & Garden Borders

PyZique is a quality and permanent replacement for plastic and wood products.
First, split each PyZique stone into two stones using the zero set back groove (see PyZique Stone in upper left). These reversible split face stones allow inside and outside curves to be made. Place the split stones in a trench 2.5" deep leaving 1.5" of each stone above ground to trim against and to hold mulch in place.

Glueing the ends of the stones together with a paver adhesive will make the projects more stable.

2 stones high

A taller border may be built by making your project two stones high. To better control roots, dig the trench 6" to 6.5" deep when building a taller border. Stagger the seams of the stones and glue the layers with paver adhesive for stability.

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