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Preparation and Installation of
Free Standing PyZique Patio Barriers & Sitting Walls

PyZique's patented double split face allows you to build stone fences, patio barriers and sitting walls with both sides showing a beautiful stone finish.
These projects are inexpensive when compared to high cost masonry projects. PyZique projects are simple to build and don't require a mason or expert stone layer. These projects are built straight up using the zero set back groove (see PyZique stone in upper left corner).

Footings must be highly compacted aggregate or solid reinforced concrete. The use of paver adhesive between the upper layers in necessary.
Stone fences must be built plumb.
Use construction techniques on these projects similar to those used building a retaining wall. Start your project with at least one layer of stones below grade. Drain water away from the footing using a drain tile similar to retaining walls. Be certain that stones are level in all directions. Stagger seams of PyZique stones in these projects and glue the top2 of 3 layers together for barrier or fence integrity.
Serpentine barriers or stone fence will have greater strength than straight walls. PyZique stones may need to be cut with a paver chopper or masonry
wet saw to achieve specific radii.
For any of these projects paver adhesive may be used to secure the stones in place. Stones Should Be Clean And Dry For Adhesive To Bond.

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