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PyZique Posts
The use of PyZique stones gives these projects a sturdy, beautiful and long lasting stone appearance. For some paths a trench can be dug 5.5" to 6.5" below grade. This can allow the path surface to be level with the top of the PyZique stones. Sand or other leveling material may be placed in the bottom of the trench as a leveling bed. Then stones are set, alternating 7" and 11" faces down. Glue each successive stone to the previous stone with paver adhesive.
Turning PyZique stones 90 degrees on their face allows you to bury 5.5" of the stone below grade and have 3.5" above grade to hold chat, bark, asphalt, or other walkway material in place.

Paver Borders
When using PyZique stones for paver borders, set the PyZique stones 9" below the desired top of your project (PyZique stones are 9" front to back). As shown on this paver border project, the top of the PyZique stones are level with the driveway entry pad.

Smooth and compact the base material, a compactable aggregate, to the grade you desire. Mark (usually by painting a line on the aggregate) the outline for the PyZique border (shown here using red paint). The first stone may need to be split to fit snugly to the beginning wall or other surface. Continue following the marked outline setting and glueing PyZique stones alternating 7" and 11" faces down as shown.
Driveway and pathway curves can be made, as shown here, without cutting the PyZique stones. Glue the PyZique stones at the points of contact. Any seams between the stones will fill with sand when the pavers are vibrated into place, later in the project. (There are no special cuts to the PyZique stones in this project.)

After the adhesive has set, continue with your project. Place dirt fill on the outside of your PyZique border and tamp it into place. Then fill the inside of your PyZique border with compactible aggregate. You must pre-determine if your pavers or other stone surface are to be level with or lower than the top of the PyZique border.

This will allow you to pre-determine the top of your aggregate and sand levels.
Place, then smooth and compact the aggregate until your pre-determined
aggregate level is reached. Compact the aggregate in 4" or thinner lifts.
On the smooth compacted aggregate install loose dry sand.

To get a smooth sand bed, you may lay pipes of 1" diameter on the aggregate, shovel sand slightly deeper than the 1" pipes. Next drag a 2x4 across the pipes to get an even sand bed to set the pavers on. When the pipes are removed, be sure to fill the pipe areas with sand. Set pavers or patio stones in your desired pattern and vibrate them in place using standard paver installation techniques.

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