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PyZique Steps
Preparation and Installation Guide For Building Steps
1. Excavate to virgin or highly compacted soil an area as wide and long as the step you plan to build. Excavation depth should allow for a minimum of 2" of compatible rock material that will provide a stable and level base to build each step upon. Fill, compact and level the rock base material.
2. Determine the center point of the step and place the first PyZique Stone, centered, on this point.
3. Lay additional stones in each direction from the first stone. A string line may be used for straightness of the first row. End stones that are exposed or fit inside retaining walls and barriers must be split to have a split face appearance and a proper fit. A paver splitter can make splitting easier than using a hammer and chisel.
4. Lay additional rows of PyZique stones behind the front row until the length of the step's tread is beyond where the next step's riser is to begin. Fill the spaces between the rows of PyZique stones with dry sand to stabilize the stones.
5. Use paver adhesive to glue two-layer step's lower layer to upper layer. This method gives an 8" rise to each step. Steps with a 4" rise may be built also. For these steps turn the smooth side of every layer of PyZique stones up. Glue the front row of each step to the stones immediately below. Side glue edge stones for stability.
6. Use the same technique to build the next step with the front row overlapping the back row of the previous step. Always glue the front row to the stones below with paver adhesive. Steps need not be square to one another. Serpentine installations are unique and easy to build. Steps may be extended on one side or both (as shown on the right side of these drawings)allowing for a retaining wall or barrier wall to be.
7. A finished series of PyZique steps can be built with 8" or 4" risers. Steps can be built with retaining walls and other types of projects to give a beautiful and coordinated appearance to your total landscape project.
For any of these projects paver adhesive may be used to secure the stones in place.
Stones Should Be Clean And Dry For Adhesive To Bond.

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