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PyZique Fire Ring Installation Page

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Preparation and Installation
PyZique BBQ Ring Directions

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Installation Guide:
Establishing a suitable sub base by removing any organic material and replacing with compactible granular aggregate. Concrete pavers are illustrated but are not required. Use the ring as a guide to lay 14 modular stones spaced equally in a suitable circle approximately 50" outside diameter. Stagger additional 4 inch layers to obtain the desired height of the fireplace. Place the fire ring insert and fill the pit with coarse granular fill to the bottom of the fire ring. Paver adhesive may be applied below the top stones one stone at a time with the ring in place to attach the top course to the lower course.

Model 1A-30
Single 12"x21" Grate
250 Sq. in., 52 lbs.
    Model 1B-30
Single 12"x33" Grate
400 Sq. in., 59 lbs.

Model 12A-30
Dual 12"x21" Grates
500 Sq. in., 67 lbs.
    Model 12B-30
Dual 12"x33" Grates
800 Sq. in., 82 lbs.

Elevated Stone Fireplace
The pilot Rock fire ring insert and Pyzique Landscaping stones combine to make the ideal building units to construct a beautiful and durable back yard fireplace location.
The circular form of Pyzique Landscaping Stones make a graceful circle around the Pilot Rock steel ring that provides a fire and heat barrier for the stones. The concrete stones provide a convenient working surface around the elevated fire ring.

Multi-position cooking Grate
The Pilot Rock insert has a multiple place cooking grate that is designed to cantilever over the fire for cooking but can be easily tipped back for fire-building or slid back for unobstructed view and use of the fire.
A variety of grate sizes and dual opposing grates can be provided for a larger grilling surface for group use. A 3-leg tripod with adjustable chain is available for suspending a pot over the fire for Dutch oven cooking.

Clean and Simple Design
The top flange of the Pilot Rock ring forms a clean top edge that surrounds the inside edge of the multi-purpose stones. The lower flange secures the ring within the stones and maintains a heat barrier by creating a slight gap between the ring and the stones.
Concrete stones should not be exposed to extreme heat without the steel liner.

Installation Brochure for Pilot Fire Ring

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